62 Examples for SciSnap!2

the examples for SciSnap!2 are now available online (about 90 MB). They can be loaded from http://emu-online.de/SciSnap2Examples.zip. There are 62 projects from the following areas

  • mathematics
  • data processing
  • drawing graphs and diagrams
  • simulations (flu, planetary transit, ferromagnetism, ...)
  • image processing and measurement in images
  • graphs (random and scalefree, family tree, GraphLab, ...)
  • neural networks (perceptron, learning NN, CNN, ...)
  • machine learning (kNN, decision tree ID3, k-means-clustering, DBSCAN, Q-learning, ...)
  • Fast Fourier Transformation (image and sound compression, ...)
  • grid automata (diffusion, Convays game of life, Wolfram automata, blurring, ...)
    All projects are updated to Snap! vers. 8.
    Have fun with it!
    Eckart Modrow

Thank you in advance... i will look at it for sure !

Thanks! This is great.