6.6.0 released

we have this block: untitled script pic(1) which takes a 2d list and makes it a certain number of rows and columns.
this block: custom blocks script pic(27) is now a general list operations block (custom blocks script pic(29) custom blocks script pic(30) ) also, this block: custom blocks script pic is now custom blocks script pic(28) and that block has the reverse option in it, so the reverse block has been removed from the frequency distribution analysis library. (but for some reason it's still in the list utilities library). when the untitled script pic(35) is compiled, the block reports an empty list instead of false if none of the items match the condition. also, you can relabel untitled script pic(36) to custom blocks script pic(31), and the other relabel options for custom blocks script pic(31) (Screen Shot 2021-02-25 at 10.04.05 AM ). these 2 blocks: untitled script pic(37) work with text, but Jens forgot to make them a string/any type input. That's all for now!


Wait, so what will happen with old length blocks? Will they be converted to new ones or will they just stay there and be considered "hidden" blocks?

they will be converted to the new one.

Probably just a co-incidence I'm afraid

When a new version is launched - any running instances are untouched.

It is only when you refresh your browser or start again that you get an updated version

Yes, this was just a coincidence; the new version was working until a failure of the back end somewhat later than the 6.6 install.


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