5D Projection?

Yo!I made a 5D engine!

this isn't really about snap though you can put it in #compsci i guess

and besides this doesn't look 4d (or 5d), this just looks like a spinning 3d model of a tesseract. this is what a spinning tesseract would probably look like:

That's a great picture! Was it actually made from a 4D model?


Here is where I got it from. The page says it was made using Maya and Macromedia Fireworks. I don't know how he used those applications to make it though.

up and down keys+left and right keys

how was i supposed to know that other than reading the code? nowhere does it say to use the arrow keys to rotate in 4D

it's a 2d projection of a 3d projection of a 4d tesseract

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