404 Snap! page

Why isn't there a 404 page? Why don't the Snap! team make a 404 page? I made an image that could be used for the 404 error.

Because they have much more urgent matters to address.

It's cute, though!

The box;~;

to be honest, it looks more like a meme.

No nto really.

oh ok. I don't pay much attention to memes, so what do I know?

I feel like the arrow pointing to the box is a bit obvious, but without that part I think it looks kinda funny.

I think it should look more like it does on the forums. Sort of like this:

I dunno about a 404 page, but it would be nice.
Screen Shot 2021-07-29 at 6.51.44 pm

Typo: you're looking for


I love that 404 page.

That 404 page looks nice!


Thanks for the positive comments guys :slight_smile:

Opps, i’ll upload a new one soon

Typo: Oops, I'll upload a new one soon