3D Tunnel

A 3D tunnel made up of multiple polygons.
Can be panned, zoomed, and rotated.
You can also change the lighting, the number of sides on the polygons, the background, and the rotation centre.
New: Saving feature (beta). At the moment it doesn't save the viewpoint, but I'll implement that soon. Press '1' to save, '0' to load (make sure the project is stopped).

However, it can get quite slow, and I'm not sure if I've programmed it to be as fast as possible.
If you have any tips for speeding it up or for making it more efficient, please tell me.


This is awesome! Thanks for sharing!


Out of interest, how many people use Snap! regularly?

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We're currently at ~311,800 total users, but not all of them use Snap! every day.

To get a better idea of its regular users: we're getting around 2,500 new projects per day, and another ~2,000 are updated every day. We're also getting around 260 new user accounts daily.

Wow! Amazing!

It'll be an exciting day when the new social site is out in the public :smiley:

That day should be the 28th of this month if all goes according to plan! :slight_smile:


Ooo can't wait :smiley:

Have you got anyone called CRAZYWOLFPARTY?

You can test that yourself:

(the answer is nope)

Thanks! I forgot I could do that.

Thats pretty cool!