3D! Snap*!*

We need to add 3D!

10.0 already has that

But we need 3D blocks!

It's 9.2.17

click this link: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks (its the preview of 10.0, which hasnt been relased yet, please remember that uploading projects from the dev version might corrupt the project you uploaded or it might corrupt later when 10.0 is relased)

click the file icon
Screenshot 2024-05-14 095947

click libraries
Screenshot 2024-05-14 100034

click this and then click import

boom! heres yo 3d blocks!

But it doesnt show up

well, idk what to do

maybe its lag, or a bug

Because it only works on developer mode so we need to create our own 3d blocks instead

raycasters are the easiest



We wanted to add our own 3d blocks!! :sob:

use the [Open 3D Window] button