3D Projects on Snap!; do they work, and how can you make one?

Well, to put it simply, yes! Yes they do!
I love everything 2D & 3D, it's just really impressive, And coding them in Snap is challenging, but possible.
Below is @kuluk's 3D Rubik's Cube, and below that is a Dodecahedron by me.
download (9)
download (10)
Links to these projects:
3D Rubiks Cube

Ah, how can I resize blocks in this forum?

Welcome to the Snap!'s forum!

Tip: If you want your variables to take boolean values, you can just put a Dodecahedron script pic block in place of Dodecahedron script pic (1) and Dodecahedron script pic (2).
(you can change the value to false by clicking in the middle of Dodecahedron script pic)

![Dodecahedron script pic|200x57](upload://bsuJLzKDQy4lT1TzEXPGQm77tww)

Oh, thanks!