3D math


inspired by a penguinmod extension with the same name


if youre a nerd who studies math and 3D stuff, its probably great for ya

Looks noice to me

However, go to my position in 2D should be:
3D math script pic

Because otherwise the sprite looks bigger the further it is.

Also, change my position to should be changed to change my position by.


That's not the way to go. When I set the Z to zero, it gets humongous because 100 divided by zero is infinity (actually, it's not infinity, but rather undefined; however, according to a computer's understanding, it's infinity):

Of course, it doesn't get infinitely large.
And it gets super tiny at -1:

because 0 is the closest

also i cant explain the -1 one

untitled script pic (9)

I will explain why the sprites becomes microscopic when you set it to a negative value, is because $$100 \div-1$$ is $$-1$$ (which happens because positive ÷ negative = negative). However, Snap! does not allow sprites to be smaller than 1%, so that's why the sprite is not fully invisible.

Could you add the rotation math from my Scratch project?

You should just do [scratchblocks]((100) + (size))[/scratchblocks] for the Z. Here's my remix of the project in which Z position is improved (it might not work right now because I'm working on a size feature) and the sprites go to different layers based on their Z position.
EDIT: I also temporarily took the blocks out of the category so I can add them to a new category in the order I like.