3d geometry

Hey, this is actually pretty cool!

I liked it. What if you can control the rotation with your mouse?

That actually would be possible, someone made pointer-lock blocks so this can be done.

the cede is in there to allow that

The rotation is cool. But the huge long scripts full of ADD blocks to define the shapes could be improved upon. This is a job for turtle graphics! But instead of the TURN blocks, you need PITCH, ROLL, and YAW. Then if you want you can make a MARK block that takes a distance as input, puts its current position into your list, moves (pen down) halfway, put position into list, move the rest of the way. Then draw the outer pyramid that way. Then use the remembered coordinates to connect up the midpoints in the various ways you need. Something like that.

PS I hope I'm not picking on you too much. It's a sign of respect; you're eager to learn and ready to learn and so it'll be useful to you.

honestly i did not understand any of that. all the math in this was found in a wiki article

can this be added

In v10 we'll have Bernat's reimplementation of BeetleBlocks as a Snap! extension. Stay tuned.

huh i didnt read the wiki. i just looked at the graph and assumed the rest