3bars OS

Something me and @joecooldoo made a few months ago. I forgot to release it.
Used to be a chat but I took it away. The document app works on physic keyboards only.

A clicker game and a drawing app, chat may be re added, Joe can decide if we want to update it.


Green flag. JS on.

Hmmmm. Anyone else have this problem?

I do not know why it’s not working for you.

Then it’s only a problem with your user.

It's happening for me too.


Did you try to type "DISCOURSE"?

Can you fix it?

Who is

referring to?



How do I fix it then?

Why are you talking about discord?

Make the user's pfp show up instead of yours.


Can you not be sarcastic.

Sigh. @bubgamer07_bungamer0 username on the forums in different than snap

I know.