2D Perspective (Graphic Effect)

@jguille2 how hard it would be for you to make this possible?

Could something like this be added to Snap!'s graphic effects?

Ugh! @kinestheticlearning don't stress me out :scream: I still have a lot of pending work to do :sweat:

But yeh! Let's play a little... :mask:

You can play with mathematical calculations. Why not? I love Maths. But with Snap! I always find other fun and simple ways.:cowboy_hat_face:

For me, the key here is the "point towards" block. Just with this you can get simple perspectives quickly. A simple demo...

And the code is minimalist

Play with this idea! You can also resize depending on orientation ...


In 6.0 it'll be easier than it is now to deal with transformation matrices. :~)

I'll play with your idea, yeah.


Brian, my math is not good enough, I guess, to be able to do it with this new fancy tools :~)