2d minecraft clone

now it's in early alpha dev

-add biomes
-workly inventory
-add trees in forest biomes
-add Jason
-to climb trees
-blocks are levels of solidity

-key z : save and show/hide data world

-key l : load file

-key g: reset world

hmmmmm...the blocks keep flashing-

How do I break blocks?

What a coincidence! I'm doing this in javascript!
@funtime_foxy101 the blocks are NOT flashing

the blocks keep on turning white and back to normal

great project. I did notice a problem, when you go down very far, you get an error, which then breaks the project. I can't really read the error (before it disappears

When you select a blank item it says
"Inside: TypeError
LABEL can only draw text and numbers, not an object"
@ego-lay_atman-bay is this what you're talking about?

no, but that is a bug. When you dig down to the bottom of the world, which is what I was trying to do, it throws an error before you actually get to the bottom. Probably because there's no block info down at the bottom.

How do you dig?

uh, click on the block...

I feel like that should be obvious

Also, I just found out the error. It's "expecting list but getting text" which implies that he's using lists inside lists, and there's no check that it gets to the end of the list, so it's trying to get an item that doesn't exist, which results in an empty string instead of a list.

It is. That's the first thing I tried and it didn't work.
Maybe you need to select the hand item or something? but whenever i select hand it crashes

click and hold (like minecraft)

You need to click for a sec

oh k
it didnt show any sort of mining animation so i didnt think to click and hold
Edit: it's not working...
Edit 2: it suddenly worked on the 10th try i am both happy and extremely angry right now
Edit 3: I found out it stops working after you get a snap error. so if you get an error you have to reload

it’s normal, I’m working on the survival mode inventory right now,
it would work now


who's Jason?

i'm pretty sure he's the protagonist

yeah the player costumes are named "jason"

the blockhead