2023 New Years Countdown! (Part 1)

I updated my project.

That is very good! All we need is chat. Love the stars!


I don't know if we should use this or not, but I composed some music for when the countdown reaches 0.

(New Years Day, Key of D)

EDIT: To make the project start the New Year's Day celebration, just go to the stage, and set the day to the current day and the month to the current month.

I updated my project again!
I added the whitelist chat! You may ask: why didn't I add usernames?

  1. You need JavaScript
  2. If you let a user make up their name they can set it to whatever they want (Cuss words, un-whitelisted chat).

To @sir_kitten2: What's the main project?

@joecooldoo Yes.

Did you see my project?

Huh, thats odd.

What is? BTW I don't think "for" is in the whitelist. I wrote "always laggy for me" but it turned into "always laggy me".

You said it was laggy? Just restart the project. And for is in the whitelist. I just added it.

Did you write something like "reload project"?


And I just wrote "the chat is flickering".

Just reload the project. It does that sometimes.

When I click the chat button, it starts lagging a lot.

Not for me.

Do you see my messages?

works for me"

"see" isn't in the whitelist either.

It is. You just have to reload.