2 same lists do not equal each other

Hello Snap Forum! I sent this message to the snap contact email, but than saw that there is a forum so i though i'd post here too. Recently I have been making a tic-tac-toe game for a school assighnment. And I ran into a problem where 2 lists that were the same did not equal each other. I recorded a quick video describing the issue:


I asked my instructor for any possible soultions, but he was confused too and counldn't figure it out either. He showed me some sample code how he did it, but it was a different approach. Thanks for your time.

Could you please post a link to your project?

Here you go

Okay, this looks like a Snap! bug to me. I'll have to look into it further when I'm really awake; it's 3am here and I'm going to bed.


It is not a bug.

If you see the content, the "x"s are not the same letters.
The problem may be the "keyboard input" or a "copy and paste" origin.


  • In the NEWtEst you have "normal" x, unicode x78, "latin small letter x"
  • In the board (the content added dinamically) you have the unicode x445 - "cyrillic small letter HA"


wow! Thank you Joan, for this analysis! This looks almost like a prank :slight_smile:

Thank you very much jguille2. I tried copying and pasting the x's and the o's from the "NEWtEst" list to the "board" list and it worked like a charm.

And no jens, this was not a prank. This is a legitimate school assighnment that I have to get done.

amazing! So whoever composed that test list used two different characters for "x"? That kinda does look like someone's been playing a prank on you, @iliyababin

Oh, good, I don't have to debug it. :~)