10.0 looks amazing

We're talking about 3D in snap tho, this thread is about the beta implementation that may or may not be in 10.0.0 or 11.0.0?

I didn't see it in :page_facing_up: File > Libraries.

Try reseting your cache and cookies.

Resetting cookies shouldn't be necessary, only cache. Even then, I don't understand why they wouldn't be getting it, as snap just reads a file from the website in order to get the list of libraries. I wouldn't expect the browser to cache that (or at least the first time since a refresh).

That's true for Prolog, but note @qw23's Prolog-in-Snap! ongoing project. But stack-based languages such as Forth and Postscript, if that's what you mean, are just Lisp (i.e., Snap!) written backwards, so instead of (+ 2 3) they have 2 3 +.

That's called "development." They implement something, they play around with it, and they decide to change something about its design. I know disclaimers about the dev versions go in one eye and out the other, but this is one reason we have disclaimers.

You're always going to be stuck with 2D representations unless you own a 3D printer or a holographic monitor, regardless of what Snap! does.

Would you send a link to the project containing the script?

It was deleted

It's still there, it was readded a while ago.

it said "Undefined!"

I don't know if I can, I don't think dev versions will allow us to upload projects

You can, but since the dev version is always changing, the project may become broken very quickly.

I'm replying to (more precisely: elaborating on) an old post within this topic, a post of ... untitled script pic (72):

This was Oct. 2023; I still think it would be a great idea: an environment between development and operations with versions of modules and libraries, say, 95% finished, including on-line helpnote. Such that interested others - and I'm aware (as jens pointed out time & again) that forum contributors are not typical Snap! users, but that actually makes us typical beta testers - may help file off any sharp edges before release.

note E.g. I have no clue as to what untitled script pic (73) does, even though I did some metaprogramming myself last year. Let alone the Microworld library: it looks fully developed with 28 blocks (many of them calling LISP extensions); 7 or so have online help, but as a whole its enigmatic.

Its not our project

Our input is not required during experimental development.

That will change at beta/RC stage.

In the words of the famous person in the metal helmet

"It is The Way" :slight_smile:

I'm not soliciting general bug reports on v10 dev yet, there's still too much change going on.

scriptify takes a block and returns a script that makes the block:

like blockify takes a data structure and returns a script that makes the data structure:

Nice! It may help me rewriting my automatic memoizer (in which I found a bug recently). However, I mentioned it as an example of several new (and even older) blocks that don't come with online help.

My idea was there must be more or less stable modules, but perhaps that's not how you work. Like @cymplecy says: it's not my project.

Almost. The developer of Beetle 3D still wants to add collision, and without collision blocks here yet, it will be more difficult to make with correct collsision.

i cant find that block in beetle 3d. where is it?

The right way to think about it is that "beta testing" is a quite late stage in the development of a project. When you start seeing version numbers such as "10.0-rc1" in dev, the "rc" stands for "release candidate," and that's when we're in beta.

The restricted environment library (the one everyone else on the team calls "microworlds" even though it's quite the opposite of real microworlds) is still very much in active development. There will be documentation when there's a stable iibrary to document.