10.0 looks amazing

We're talking about 3D in snap tho, this thread is about the beta implementation that may or may not be in 10.0.0 or 11.0.0?

I didn't see it in :page_facing_up: File > Libraries.

Try reseting your cache and cookies.

Resetting cookies shouldn't be necessary, only cache. Even then, I don't understand why they wouldn't be getting it, as snap just reads a file from the website in order to get the list of libraries. I wouldn't expect the browser to cache that (or at least the first time since a refresh).

That's true for Prolog, but note @qw23's Prolog-in-Snap! ongoing project. But stack-based languages such as Forth and Postscript, if that's what you mean, are just Lisp (i.e., Snap!) written backwards, so instead of (+ 2 3) they have 2 3 +.

That's called "development." They implement something, they play around with it, and they decide to change something about its design. I know disclaimers about the dev versions go in one eye and out the other, but this is one reason we have disclaimers.

You're always going to be stuck with 2D representations unless you own a 3D printer or a holographic monitor, regardless of what Snap! does.

Would you send a link to the project containing the script?

It was deleted

It's still there, it was readded a while ago.

it said "Undefined!"

I don't know if I can, I don't think dev versions will allow us to upload projects

You can, but since the dev version is always changing, the project may become broken very quickly.