10.0 looks amazing

Please let's carry on the discussion without getting angry.

If a clone modifies any of its properties, that property becomes separate from its parent's property. This applies to sprite-local blocks, sprite-local variables, and things like x position, y position, etc. Conversely, you can use the INHERIT block to couple any property to the sprite's parent.

This is not true in general. Whatever you do to the parent happens to all the clones. But if you change something in a clone, that property becomes separate from the rest of the family.

The reason it doesn't seem that way to you is that you're modifying a costume, not a sprite. The list of costumes (the wardrobe) of a sprite is shared with its clones, so a costume in a clone is the same costume as the parent's costume, not a copy. One way to copy a costume is

You can make a list of such copies and then replace the clone's wardrobe with that list.

But this whole question about costume centers, while a perfectly valid thing to ask for, isn't really relevant to this thread. And I believe you've already requested it in its own thread, where it belongs!

On my browser, it's still 9.0.7. Is this new version not out yet?

its the beta version of snap Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

Ok, but I didn't really ask how to set the center of a costume. I didn't get my answer in the other thread, which is why I asked for it to be a feature.

You would actually use the untitled script pic block to get the current render of the 3D image.

i also belive the 3d beetle was in the 9.0 betas as well

cool thanks

Screen Shot 2023-10-15 at 5.36.20 PM?

You tried to drag the block in my post into the editor, didn't you?
Import the library instead from the libraries menu.


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That's what I was answering.

Shouldn’t here be a separate beta testing environment, then? Thus it will be clear to all if they are invited to post bug reports (and help the developers to fix bugs before general release).

At this stage - the dev is the experimental dev branch.

Just because we can see what is going on behind the curtain, doesn't mean we should shout out at the wizard :slight_smile:

Jens usually marks the version as alpha/beta/RC candidate when it's considered ready for muggles like us to test and feedback

Sorry, I thought you meant asking how to do something. I did ask for the feature to be added.

OMG! This looks awesome!
Where did you get the beta for 10.0?

It's not a beta :slight_smile:
See 10.0 looks amazing - #21 by bh

It's just a dev branch

I thought I did...

lets move away from that and let me restate a point

like this
untitled script pic (10)
untitled script pic (11)

Can you come up with a good reason for wanting such a facility?

it would make some blocks have make sense gramatically, as well as some primitives doing this as part of their pullouts

Such as?