"You grabbed a script!"

Simple and funny script action indicator.
Might be faulty sometimes.
How it works:
if you snap or drop or delete a script you are grabbing one less script
if you grab a script you are grabbing a script
if you are grabbing 0 scripts then you are grabbing nothing
if you are grabbing 1 script then you are grabbing a script
if you are grabbing a negative amount of scripts then that means that you dropped a script but did not grab it in the first place,there fore your script came from a suspicious origin

A similar mechanism could be used to autosave or backup(projects or variables)

I decided to take that idea, and created an auto save script

(If you're gonna be importing this script, you need to create a global var called "project edited", and it does require javascript to run the save project block)

:slight_smile: nice
You could try to use (current time in milliseconds) to replace timer to avoid breaking stuff :slight_smile: