Yet another Asteroids game

Here it is:

ARROWS to move, MOUSE to aim and fire. Evade collisions and do not forget to grab powerups!

Visuals are taken from different free png online libraries ( etc).
Note collision with rocks system :slight_smile:

Sounds, more enemy types, more powerups and upgrades are to come.

Update 2019.11.28: Added good text labels for score, level and fps counters.


  1. Lack of good text tool is a real pain. I cannot have different text labels (for fps, level number, credits, enemies count etc) on screen to update them independently. Yes, I can write with Pen, but "clear all" erases everyting. And "consume from text..." tool is veeeeeery slow. - FIXED with some workaround shown here: Kinda text tool for printing numbers strings
  2. I experience some lags when hitting rocks. Can't understand why.
  3. Is there any way a child sprite can tell it's parent to delete itself (if they are clones)? - SOLVED (thanks Brian)
  4. Snap! is super cool! :slight_smile:

_ 1. There's a "Text costumes" library that lets you make a costume that you can attach to a sprite, then hide and show as needed.

_ 3.untitled%20script%20pic

_ 4. Thanks!

  1. Yes. It has one block "costume from text ... size...". This is useful, but not in realtime. It is good for preparing static string, but tooooo sloooow for rendering realtime values (health, energy, credits, fps etc).

  2. Yes!!! Thanks!

Oh. Put the value in a global variable, and make a watcher onstage for it (check the checkbox), and right-click the watcher and choose "large" format.

You can see, I already do this in my game. But there is a problem with these watchers: I cannot set their position in code, only with mouse in app window in editor. It would be OK if they stay where I put them, but strangely they tend to crawl towards upper left corner and accumulate there, overlapping one another.

Hmm. Did you switch to small-stage mode? That's what makes them crowd together for me. But I agree, they should remember where they were and go back there when there's enough room for them.

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Update ready. Added good text labels for score, level and fps counters. Numbers strings output was tested here Kinda text tool for printing numbers strings and now applied to the game.


This helped me when I encountered the same problem.

Thank you, i'll take a look at it