Wing-ding block

Untitled script pic (4)

by far, the most weirdest block i created is this abomination of a block, it uses unicode

its probably useless unless you wanna make a translator for this (ive viewed this as a language spoken everywhere by aliens, and its hard to learn if youre not a alive creature outside a blue and green world full of living meat with light-yellow skin)

Very weird...
wing-ding block script pic

...But I loved it.


these arent really wingdings; you need to use the windings font for them to be real windings. but the closest you can get in snap is check out this list and change the block so it converts a character to its proper wingding counterpart.

also, you can just

which is much faster.

Reminder that WingDings suffers from the "NYC" bug/design flaw, which is iirc one of the reasons WebDings was made (or at least why it was designed differently).

About the NYC design flaw

In WingDings, typing the text "NYC" (as in New York City) results in ":skull_and_crossbones::star_of_david::+1:," which is pretty clearly not something you want to accidentally pop up in your font.

its not those things, i named it wing ding because its weird and goofy

Windows has a font called "Wingdings" that you can use, and here is the map from 0x20 to 0xE8:
Screenshot 2024-05-24 210019

Now, my username (ten_6044) will be wingdingified:
Screenshot 2024-05-24 210138

offtopic: did you know that the dotted loading icon in windows is a font?

ontopic: i cant really use them, i dont have a brain of nicola tesla and albert einstein

I don't think that's what it requires.

I want to make a version of this block where it's the font W. D. Gaster from undertale speaks in. This is all I could find and some characters dont work in Snap! :frowning:

Does anybody have a font that would work?

Been there since '98

And wingdings is a form of dingbats, or little pictures that are easy to use.

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This can also be related to the topic, which is my Writing and Formatting post, back when my knowledge of Snap*!* was that of a wee little laddie.


Windows actually has multiple fonts for this, such as Segoe Boot Semilight and variants of other fonts, only with the private use characters added to it.