Why isn’t this system working?

the whole point is the variables are created programatically because they are for each sprite and need to be used on the fly

Stop doubling down :slight_smile:

Read Jens post again - listen to the Snap! team :slight_smile:

i know but it is way more combersome to have the variables created by the user in this specific situation

i didnt know the blocks where case sensitive

All I can suggest at this point is that you take a break - have a think - make the suggested changes and then come back if it's still not working :slight_smile:

Ball is in your court as they say :slight_smile:

I'm off to bed :slight_smile:

No, the script just can't go past the ":gear: Can" block.

Ahhh... it should be replaced with my version or with
Stage_pic script pic (6)

There should be a ringified expression
Stage_pic script pic (7)


You made things extremely complicated for no reason...
And waste your time and energy.

This code feels obtuse/hard to read (not a criticism of your code dardoro just confusion on my part with primitives). What is the intended purpose of this block, @cookieclickerer33?

It's the code of the OP with slight corrections.

see if the variable exists, its only ment for internals

Of course if Snap! were a sensible language with case-insensitive symbols, it wouldn't have been a problem! <rant>Just because C got this wrong, that doesn't mean we Lispians should have to suffer forever for their sins.</rant>

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