Who wants to collab for a horror game? (Part 5)

:grinning: hes on the same account (roll eyes)

sorry i had to take a test no one else got done but me

Welp, I made the Death Screen.


Morning Everyone! How are you guys doing?

good wbu

Im good too.

very cool ill add it also anyone online?

hey guys?

Yo I'm here. We gonna start work?

I’m here as well

Adding a placeholder ending soundtrack (nowhere to run from 6)
Then I’ll finish the secret

Awww adding nowhere to run pushes it over 10mb, I may be able to compress it but I doubt it.

Back to adding secret

hi im back did everyone just leave on the weekend ngli was spending the night the whole time on the weekend so cant say much but im here and ready and made new stuff

Ye weekend is days off

anyway I have good news!

Kyo is done!

How do I make a previous costume block?

i got you

The Search _ Full Game script pic
I used it for the scratch cat

That doesn’t work, i tried it, it just switches the costume to turtle

In snap the costume blocks expect the name of the costume not the number of it

oh ikw you mean one second

Turns out there’s a hidden functionality to the block
Switch costume to ([neg v] of (1)::operators
This actually works