We should have a real snap Coding contest!

i know this is dumb,but it would be cool to have a contest on the actual snap site,and not in the forums!Think of the projects we would see and hidden gems that would pop up!just my little suggestion though

What kind of contest? We already have the Topic of the Month, which is a step in that direction.

Hm idk yet.

we cant because some kids dont know about coding

ummm im confused abt that comment
of course some kids don't know abt coding, same with some adults, if that were the case game jams wouldn't exist!
I think this is a good idea.

Umm... isn't that why you are here or at least, should be here? Snap! is here to help you learn coding.

That it would be a good idea. I suggest there being a deadline for the projects and then a judge will choose the best project. I also suggest it not being in the forum but on the actual Snap! page itself. Hope you like this idea. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Thanks for the cool suggestions i made that the current solution!

Cool!! I really do hope that this will become a real thing.

Same here!I'm really optimistic about the hidden gems that might pop up and new ideas that will be conjured up if this becomes reality

I don't think we'd like to have contests in the front page, especially ones with "best project" or "most liked project" awards. That's why we don't have likes in the first place.

But go ahead and participate in the Topic of the Month! There's no winners or losers! :slight_smile: