Using an apostrophe in a custom block bricks the project

When you try to make a custom block with an apostrophe and at least one preset input (example: image), the palette section of that category will turn black and be impossible to interact with. Through some testing I found out, when you save and reload, the category is still gone, and there's no way of getting it back.

Try exporting the XML, removing the apostrophe, and loading it back to Snap!

if you made the block sprite-local, switch to another sprite, and then switch back with the category of the glitch block open, the script area doesn't change to show the blocks for the newly selected sprite.

(also it still shows you have the previously selected sprite still selected in the sprites section on the bottom right)

I think this is because you can use '...' after % to make an input variable with spaces in it and it is trying to group 't %condition %action' but has an error loading the block because a %input is in the group.