Team Collaboration

It would be really cool if you could make a project, invite people to it via snap! username, where they would get a notification of the main website. (add notifications on website too)
but there could be like a messaging service built in the project so you could send a message to the people you are collaborating with.

Adding more things for the Snap! team to moderate? I don't think that will happen.

Ok, but still, active team collabing would be so good, not even asking for auto saving, but where there could be 2 accounts working on the same project

NetsBlox, I believe, has a feature similar to this. I heard somewhere that the Snap! team was working to make NetsBlox a library, but I don't remember where.

Yes, like that! but better.

Something like this will happen. No promises as to when, and the details might be different.

Thank you!!

I'm considering making a Snap project that does this, but I'm to lazy to start making it.

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