"Stop Asking" block

You're probably familiar with the "Ask" block which asks something and a text prompt appears. However, sometimes you can't stop the block from asking. Can you please make a block that stops the ask block from asking without stopping the other scripts (or the whole project)?

Just do this:

Yeah but the problem is that I also have my start scripts under the Green Flag.

I'm not sure what you mean by "sometimes you can't stop the block from asking." Is the ASK in a loop and you want that loop to end? Or is it just that you want to unask a single asking?

My first thought was, "you should be able to do that with continuations." But no, running the continuation in another thread doesn't affect the thread doing the ASK. What you really want is first class processes, so you could drag a process onto the pulldown of STOP. I'll put that on the list for When Things Slow Down™️.

rq bh
how many times does a repeater repeat in a second?

Well it depends how many other threads are running, etc., but I think I remember that we aim for 20fps in the display refresh, so it'll be around there for all the user threads too.

so 20 times per second?

I think so.

Threads are awaken in sync with requestAnimationFrame at screen refresh rate (usually 60 times/s).
untitled script pic (30)

It's a next iteration of the problem already discussed (with references to other threads/scripts)

40 times is more accurate for me.

Yeah, I was guessing. Sorry.

it's fine

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