SpaceTraders API Blocks

There is a block to create an account, but not one to login to an existing one.

Project will not load.

Edit: Nvm Snap! Editor is down.

You can set the auth to the api key.

Through headers. You make a list, sort of like JSON. With a key and value. Then put that individual in the list inputs. Like in Dardaro's post. Because the key:value block returns a list with those inputs.

I am dumb. Please send a script pic of a block with this.

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When the editor is a dark color and I do not exactly have all my lights on and pointed at my area in my house it is blinding my eyes. Blinding my eyes being said exaggerated.


can be simplified to this:

My remix: Snap! 7.0.2 - Build Your Own Blocks

Like in here. Warped_Wart_Wars uses the Key:Value block that reports a list of [scratchblocks](list [Authorization][Bearer token] @delInput @addInput :: list)[/scratchblocks].

I am talking about payloads, not headers.

Put it inside the send input

Ohhhhh. What programmer_user said.

Like in Dardaro's post:

The location part. That's the payload.

Yes but in what format?