Snap! validation email not getting sent to me.

Why is the account validation email not getting sent to me. I wrote my email address on Snap! 100% like my current google email address (checked my Spam and Trash folder and no snap email found).

welcome to the forums! also, your email might be in the updates area in your inbox, if you do not see it, try to enable showing the updates area in gmail settings

I am having a similar email problem.

If you guys email your email address to (or just to me,, if you're nervous about mailing lists) we'll make sure it matches what we have stored in your account.

Umm. We already know (that is, our database knows) the email address you gave us when you created the account...

Sent to you, bh!

Sent to the contact Snap! one, I sent it form the email I want it to be changed to.

Edit: Should I send it to bh too? I also forgot to add the second time I did it it said this action could not be performed.

Hmm, yes, that's the address we have for you. I'll email you back and see if you get it...

Email gotten!

I changed it in the forum. @bromagosa I don't see any way to change it on s.b.e though.

So my email on the forum is correct but not on the main site?

Yeah. Waiting to hear from Bernat about how to do it.

K thanks.

Which domain are you using? And does it allow emails from other domains?

Please don't necropost. This topic was resolved about a month ago.