Snap [scratchblocks] Tutorial (Part 1)

The history of scratch: the video is on that link: History Of Scratch Versions (1.1 - 3.0) - YouTube

that block creates a new clone and reports it, I don't think that's what they wanted.


(clone :: operators)

block is in BYOB (and also the [ v] as text block is in BYOB) and it


(a new clone of [myself v] :: control)


but to replicate BYOB, you need to do untitled script pic(20)

Why do people do so much work and do scratchblocks, when just making the script in the editor and then take a script pic is so much easier?

Yeah, I confess I feel the same way. But some people really love doing the programming in their forum window, I guess.

when <(?) > [wow]> :: control hat
say [Hey guys] :: control cap

and i tried to make it in the real snap, but it didn't really work...

untitled script pic (2)

One thing you should add: [scratchblocks] (split [hello world] by [word ▾] :: operators) [/scratchblocks]
and I used this: (unicode 9662) to show a string dropdown.

"v" is just enough

when <(?) > [wow v]> :: control hat

when <(?) > [wow v]> :: control hat

Huhh how do I do scratchblocks

bruh did you even read the original topic and replies to this before you replied? Like, the whole thread explains how to do scratchblocks on the forums

Idk how to do it...

my preview glitches out when I do it btw

read and you will find out how to do it
type this:



put text in between these

[scratchblocks] when flag clicked say [Hello World!] [/scratchblocks]
Not working how do I separate blocks

Just read the original topic.
Also, you need to wrap them in <p> not `.

[scratchblocks] when flag clicked say [thanks a lot @helicoptur [/scratchblocks]

that doesn't add spaces as needed; use


you're right, but does it have to work like scratch's lists?