Snap! OS

I left lunar OS.

there is like 7 os topics all of them made by you or @earthrulerr

I made three. One is closed. the other I left.

cool never mind

Try opening the main project (link is in main post) and pressing enter then typing "vomit start"

you know what I can test stuff for you.

Do that please.

did you share the project cuz there is nothing there. like no code.

are you using mods? cuz I can't use mods.


mods are like modifying the web page in this case a mod would add more blocks or something.


I keep getting this: load failed module uses newer version of serlallzer.

its a error note.


If he is needed in the topic...

oh ok

I will see you later. talk to @brookie as much as you want, I will see it later.

What are you using the JS for?