Snap!nix development (Part 2)

Right. Well, we should keep discussion to a minimum so this doesn't happen again.

I also know my limits and by limits I mean calculus

I'm in AP precalculus. I know limits.

But let’s get back on topic

Do you know JavaScript?

Right. I'll link the Snap!nix Wiki again.

Yes. Why?

Anyone here?

I'm in chem class. I'll talk after school.

Are you gonna be done and when?

Finally got back home, and i finally got to check out the GNOME gui scratch project you sent. Will try recreating it in Snap!, how do i send it once i am finished?

Post a link on the wiki (link at the top). Also, I suggest using a large pen size to make the rounded edges, and the fill block to draw inside. Look at my code for inspiration. most of the rendering code is unnecessary in Snap!

Hey goto collabSnap

Also hey

Making it right now, ended up filling window rounded rectangles with an appropriately sized line with a flat ends so issues don't occur when there are already pen lines inside of what will become a window.
(Also, hi Awdeni!)

whats collabsnap? could you provide a link r smth?


how do i get to collabsnap?

Click on link