Snap! Jr: Snap! For Youngsters! (Version 2.0.0) (Part 3)

wait, it has a forums too?


ok and did you see this

What are you talking about?


But you said:


Well, do you have a Wix Account?

you never said I needed a wix account.
you know what never mind I can work on snap jr. on here.

Can anyone give their opinion on this?

yeah I agree with you.

I know. It's just I deleted the one you originally replied to.

oh, hang on

I think I will change the colors back.

Also, when you tick a reporter (for example the costume number block) it shows the "$" and the "2.5".

I know that. I dont know how to fix that.

Maybe set default view to "Large" view? If you can do that of course.

I will look into it :slight_smile:

good it looks weird with sound as a yellow block and if the kids use snap jr. then use snap when they get older they will be confused

Unfortunately, I don't know much JS, so I can't help with the development on Snap Jr. However I do know basic HTML and CSS, so I can help with the website and maybe debugging of Snap Jr.