Snap! Journal- the newspaper collaboration

Template is the sprite titled: template. Remix the project delete the other sprites, make your template, share it, link it to me, and I will add the article. Please make sure their are no spelling mistakes.

Snap! Journal Hub

Thanks everyone! I'm still working to my proposal.

Do you want to @oneill logo to be a Snap!* Journal mark?*

I never said I was helping.

Don't use Scratch projects: some people can't use Scratch.

Iā€™m just gonna vote yes to myself

It will converted to Snap!, oh so you are not a developer?


For the journal, no. I didn't post anything about joining, did I?

I agree.
Plus, this is Snap! project, not a Scratch one.

TurboWarp is to choose


@nieznajomyh I want to do an interview with you to post in the newspaper.

I can't now and I think I'm not however important person to interview. We should ask e.g. Snap! Developers :upside_down_face:

@bh Would you be kind enough to do this Interview?

Got confused, you want to be a editor?


I'm gonna be writing some articles.

We can write something about the James Webb Telescope.

Use the template on the Snap! Journal Hub

Snap! Journal Comes Out

This is the first release of the Snap! Journal!
If you want to join the team, you can ask here.
We will post all sorts of stuff from new collaborations to great projects.

Space TOTM

The Snap! team has released a new TOTM for January: Space.
This was proposed as a celebration of the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope.
You can post all sorts of space-themed projects here.

Snap! Journal, Edition 1.
Written 1/16/2021 - (Insert Finishing Date Here)

Snap! Journal release thread can be found here.

Edit that.

Whoever does the article use the template in Snap! Journal Hub.

I fixed 2 typos, mainly misspelled words like "released" (You spelled it as "realeased"!)