Snap! Journal- the newspaper collaboration

No the template that is remixed from mine.

Develop Newspaper Here.

Snap! Journal Comes Out

This is the first realease of the Snap ! Journal!
If you want to join the team, you can ask here.
We will post all sorts of stuff from new collaborations, to great projects.

Space TOTM

The Snap ! team has realease a new TOTM for January, Space.
This was proposed as a celebration of the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope.
You can post all sorts of space themed projects.
Here is the link.

Snap! Journal, Edition 1.
Written 1/16/2021 - (Insert Finishing Date Here)

You can edit that post to help make the newspaper.

Which template should we use?

What about a project like this (converted to snap when done) that is like a front page and you can look at the latest articles.

I am doing some of the pages.

I'd wanna join!

Development & Writing

-all developers-


Snap! Journal Hub
Development Forum Page
Snap! Journal Public Release Thread

fixed logo, i didn't like the outline

Template is the sprite titled: template. Remix the project delete the other sprites, make your template, share it, link it to me, and I will add the article. Please make sure their are no spelling mistakes.

Snap! Journal Hub

Thanks everyone! I'm still working to my proposal.

Do you want to @oneill logo to be a Snap!* Journal mark?*

I never said I was helping.

Don't use Scratch projects: some people can't use Scratch.

I’m just gonna vote yes to myself

It will converted to Snap!, oh so you are not a developer?


For the journal, no. I didn't post anything about joining, did I?

I agree.
Plus, this is Snap! project, not a Scratch one.

TurboWarp is to choose


@nieznajomyh I want to do an interview with you to post in the newspaper.

I can't now and I think I'm not however important person to interview. We should ask e.g. Snap! Developers :upside_down_face:

@bh Would you be kind enough to do this Interview?