Snap! Console Blocks (Part 1)


I'm very confused about this project. First of all I'm confused about the purpose. To a first approximation you're just putting a complicated interface around a list, to which you can add items.

Then I'm confused about DATA as a block variable. This means that if you pull a CONSOLE add block out of the palette twice, even though you use the same upvar in both of them, the underlying lists are separate.

I guess "console" is a term of art in some field of which I'm ignorant? Gaming, maybe?

Not gaming though sometimes found in gaming. Are you familiar with the print{} it is printing that to a console. In Roblox studio you can use this to add things to console then ingame say /console and a console showing everything from the print{} on it. It also shows errors. Consoles are very useful to testing and user use. Used for error catching. Example if you put a print{} after some code and just put print{test} then run the project and loo mat the console and if it shows up it worked. This can be used in games, websites, Snap! and Scratch projects, and more. Speaking of I may as well make some more simple and more understandable console blocks.

This is more for developing. If something is causing a problem, you can log something to the console.

Oh. Sure, I understand what a console is, I just don't see why yours has to be so complicated. I just ADD (message) TO (LOG).

That’s what I was saying. Joe’s is over complicated. Mine is oversimplified.

I wouldn't make a custom block that looked like this:
{add ((message)::grey) to ((log)::grey)::grey}::hat control
add (message) to (log)
[/scratchblocks] :slight_smile:

Source Code
{add ((message)::grey) to ((log)::grey)::grey}::hat control
add (message) to (log)

I wanted it to have that browser console feeling.

... which is just plain text. So SET (LOG) TO (JOIN (LOG) (new text) (\n)).

Game: steal time from others & be the best - Roblox

If you say /console in chat this pops up. This is not put in by the developer it is there by default. In this game it is being used for a death and kill log. (This is a sword fighting game) and the purchase of new swords.

I think you meant to reply here: Text Commands - #2 by earthrulerr

Also, you cant put inputs in yours. So it is not as good.

sorry you were right today has been confusing for me.

@joecooldoo @bh I just did a major update to Snap! 6.9.2 Build Your Own Blocks now it is more like a console.

I see you have incorporated my block-over-comment thingy into your project. :slight_smile: But again:

So that is why I used a block variable for it to be hidden.

To @earthrulerr and @joecooldoo:

You can make a variable that doesn't exist but can still be accessed by these steps:

  1. Make a variable asdf.
  2. Run this script:
    untitled script pic - 2021-09-28T144358.350
  3. To access hg, just CALL asdf.

(It's a bug, but not that big of one.)

(This can fix


I made my own: Snap! 6.9.2 Build Your Own Blocks @bh!

Yeah I like how you do that it is more professional.

But you can’t make your own custom, mine is to add to your own project for testing and error catching.

Mine does the same thing with graphics.