Smap! - The Ultimate Snap Module

I've been working on a library called Smap! for quite a while now! It's now released!
Please give me ideas on how to make it better! That'd be a great help!

The Smap! script pic block is really just a complicated way of using the AND block, and not very useful.

oh come on why you always critize me...
My post was made for ideas how to make it better
not to critize me...

Okay, first, always? What do you mean always?
And second, you have to realize that constructive criticism IS feedback. You asked for feedback, didn't you?

yeah the implies block is the same thing as the and block, not sure why you put it there. and i was going to write what helicoptur said but he said it first so

also i don't have enough time right now to look at all the blocks i will do that later

Then @pumpkinhead and @helicoptur I'll remove it then...

not to be mean, but we already have the ≤, ≥ and ≠ (reachable through relabel).
The <right click?> block reports true when I right-click, but stays true when I release the right-mouse-button.
great library though.

how did you test the right click? your supposed to test it like
when flag clicked
say <right click?>

"right-click" doesn't work Chrome@Win10.
It reports "true" forever (or until left click).
Smap! script pic

Since the inputs into xor and xnor are booleans, you can simplify them to Smap! script pic (4) and Smap! script pic (5)

Greater than or equal to and les than or equal to can also be simplified to Smap! script pic (2) and Smap! script pic (3) respectively.
Really like the os and browser blocks.

EDIT: Fixed mixed up XNOR and XOR blocks

You mixed up the code for XOR and XNOR.


No, I was talking to @legoman3.14

you said it too late I already pressed reply

I think you should delete the operators blocks because they are primitives accessible via relabel. other than that, cool!

which ones?

the greater than or equal to and the less than or equal to.

but they are useful though


Saves 3 blocks of code