Search List Block!

A JS Free Block that can search lists:
Search List Block
(Cap Sensitive Searches)

Very clever, using SPLIT for this purpose. But doesn't CONTAINS already do the same thing? (I mean KEEP ITEMS ... to be exactly like your block.

Also clever putting a copy of the block on top of the comment! :~)

I'm trying to keep it JS Free. It's also a challenge to my big Snap! brain. (Brain: "How to make JS Free? Oh! Use the split block!")


Eh? CONTAINS is a primitive; you wouldn't have to write it in JS. But I'm with you on the challenge part. You've been posting a whole flurry of interesting projects recently!

Oh! I see what you mean now.

Well, KEEP ITEMS uses a boolean to find items. My block looks for text. You can use like in the example inside of the project (A contact list).

Well now i know my custom block is junk

No, as I said, it's clever using SPLIT as you did. Don't be glum.

Not at all - it's great to see someone going to the effort of doing something like this and coming up with a good alternative method :slight_smile:

Then people can see what you've done and maybe apply your similar technique in their projects :slight_smile:

Agreeing with Brian and Simon, I would add that re-inventing things (on purpose) is a good exercise in creativity and no-one should ever be ashamed of it.

On the contrary, everyone doing it deserves a pat on the back.

Good ideas get re-invented - see CONTAINS block for text strings - #2 by ego-lay_atman-bay