Script builder library (Part 1)

then how to do this

I found a bug, you can't stick a number inside an input. Here's what I'm saying (in python code)
you can't stick int(5) in an input, you can only put strings in, which really stumped me so much when trying to stick a number in the item of reporter, but I always got the same value every time I switched the number. For some reason I can't get item "5" of list, I can only get item int(5) of list. It would be great if you could fix this. Here's what I get with this

and here's what I get with this

and here's the last script, but with a number ( int() )

btw, here's the ran scripts

so you never put in a function to put numbers in blocks.


Ok I finally fixed it by deleting some property I don't know about called bindingID, hopefully that doesn't cause a bug.

Also multiargs aren't supported yet

Do you mean the into first empty slot of block but the input is a list?

If so, i will not because it doesn't require the usage of JavaScript and i think it's really easy to implement it:


Do you mean put an input into multiple blocks at once?

Sorry I don't know Scheme

lol jk, but do you mean something like this? untitled script pic

Wait do you mean this?

Wait do you mean this?
untitled script pic

split ({}) by [block v]

is the library meant to be like, a joke? since it seems to not be useful

yes im lazy to type that

Well Brain thinks otherwise. And this was originally for a BASIC compiler project reverse codification thing.

Why would you want that?


how do you mispell cor as cor and not notice it?

oh i see now

Well here's what I came up with:

But for some reason it isn't working. I suspect that this might be because the (() to () from {}) block and the ({} put after {}) block modifies the original. I don't know how to fix this because I don't know how to make a copy of a block.