Saving Data

Nice project name


I had to rush it okay


did you use json to store the list


Now we just need to store tables and scripts


Downside: some block have special inputs that are impossible to reconstruct

Let’s just use the xml of the block then

that requires javascript

I don’t think it does actually


Before I’ve gotten the engine to convert the block xml into the block it’s supposed to be
For all intensive purposes the xml is the block, just in a text form

I made a script that gets the internal name of any block

Thats not xml, that's the block identifier from the code.

Could you possibly create said JavaScript

No, I don't know much about Javascript. I only know Python and am currently learning Lua.

I had a bookmark that had the code to do so, but the bookmark has since been deleted.

Is there any way to restore that, or like find what it is
(I’m moving to a topic dedicated to this here Making the database library able to store anything )