Reverse Codification?

This could make things like interpreters and parsers WAY easier to make.

I thought someone made a topic asking how to do this right after I posted this. Maybe it was deleted.

That someone might have been you, or pumpkinhead, but I can't remember.

What you're asking is if the Snap team could create a parser/lexer system inside of Snap, and the answer is probably going to be no unless someone creates some sort of a library.

With Snap's 1st class functions a parser-combinator library will actually be straightforward. The Elm library is beautifully designed, so just referencing it here:

There is a built-in XML serialization format (requires JS or drag'n'drop to import). Shift right click on any block, then "download script".
Simple script
untitled script pic - 2021-11-28T223416.393

  <block s="doGotoObject"><l><option>random position</option></l></block>
  <block s="gotoXY"><l>0</l><l>0</l></block>

I found the topic I was referring to:
Is there any way to decode mapped items?

I'M ON THE VERGE OF SUCCESS OF MAKING THIS! I just need to figure out how to get rid of the items in a list that have a unicode of 0 (aka null) without using javascript. Can somebody help?

[scratchblocks]<keep items(<(unicode of[]::operators)\>(0)>@addInput::grey ring)from(list)::list[/scratchblocks]


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