Repeat w/# Implemented With Continuations

Definition of the block:

An example, found in the project:
#repeatwcont script pic

Okay... Is this supposed to have some advantage over the library version, or is it just an exercise to help you learn about continuations?

It's supposed to be a kind of

Also, the |wait (0) secs| is required to make it look smooth unless you want it to be WARPed.

Yup, that all makes sense. All the primitive looping blocks do an implicit WAIT 0 SECS at the bottom of the looped code.

Except when WARPed or in turbo mode?


Do you know what would go into the empty slot of better custom mouse script pic (1) that will return true, but would return false if it weren't in a WARP?

In case you want to know why, I want to wrap the WAIT 0 SECS block in the # repeat () [ ] block in an if, so I can properly accommodate the block being in a WARP or in turbo mode.

There's an IS TURBO MODE ON? block in Sensing, but I don't know a way to find out if warped.

Yes, I tried that, and it doesn't tell you if it's WARPed.