Remixing someone else's blocks

how did you make the new category?

@snapenilk's Snap! dev tools project contains a create category block.
The category won't load when you reload the project and all blocks of it will become undefined. I was just using it to get example screenshots.

you can use

, but I remixed the blocks and I added an alpha value in Cool custom blocks! has the blocks

That's not cool. You shouldn't take someone else's blocks and then link your project for them instead of theirs.

Edit: I posted this BEFORE sathvikrias made the edit to include the other part of the last part in case anyone was wondering

I mean specifically the create category blocks. Those are from @snapenilk. You should've just linked their project.

you didn't credit them for the create category blocks, either.

yes they are
original project
Either you're trying to steal those and pass them off as your own, or some other project included them and you saw and exported them from there.

It appears that there may be some controversy on this subject(Weather the blocks were plagiarized), I'll look into it, But with both your arguments seem pretty convincing. Since this is not related to topic, I'll just put it onto my to-do list.

those were originally from snapenilk, but I improved it, and made it a little more clear. also, i DID credit him.
I accidentally imported the blocks twice, so it looked exactly like snapenilk's for a long time. I just fixed it :slight_smile:

Oh, Ok! I'm still looking into it though.

I personally think it's less obvious than the original, because the original says create/recolor and your version just says create. It could lead to confusion. That isn't an improvement at all.

Really? I see no comment here giving credit.
And there's no indication it's from snapenilk at all in the showcased blocks, either.

Yes they are.
I have put a signature block in all of my Snap! Dev tools blocks (except for the signature itself) since then.
I'm not putting my blocks in the Public Domain; you can use and remix them with credit.
You can create the signature block, a help screen comment, another comment, or otherwise give me credit.

Why was this flagged, I wonder? It's not off-topic, quite the contrary in fact.

It's spam...

oh wait lemme add it back I must have deleted it by mistake

I added credits in the project notes section, i'm too lazy to look through 100+blocks.

I know, right. It is not spam, I just tried to get some help.

did you even read

did YOU even read

your own post

Yes, that's why I replied.


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