Ray Tracing in One Weekend in Snap

(This doesn't really fit in "Help with Snap!", but I couldn't find any better category to put this in.)
Has anyone tried implementing https://raytracing.github.io/books/RayTracingInOneWeekend.html in Snap?
It seems like a very interesting book; but I'm not sure if Snap is performant enough to render the images quick enough.


Well they say path tracing in the intro, and that's what the ray-length to block can do. Jadga's implemented a basic wolfenstein style demo. It's pretty cool.

It's not like Modern ray tracing, but it probably could be used as a starting point. Maybe. The ability to have 3D in a snap project would be nice, but I haven't figured out how yet. It's possible, because beetleblocks does it, but I'm not sure if that's using javascript or webgl.

It's not that snap is slow, because it's not really slow.

beetleblocks uses three.js, which uses webgl.

Sample projects

With "Turbo, "Flat line ends" & "Live coding support" quite fast


cute tturbo mode alert!

I decided to leave that one on for a couple hours, and this is the result

I think that looks pretty good

(apart from the weird cyan pimple on the green and yellow checkerboard, which wierds me out)

oh my

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