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Credit to @bh for Why is the snap logo a lambda? - #19 by bh

I had to reread the FAQ to see what it had to do with drawing! :~)


On the topic there, you say

Would that list

include "no custom blocks"?

I.e. following the rules of this:
Gray ring and call

Yup! Just lambda and CALL. Here's a writeup I made for Jens when he taught a class about it...
Church.pdf (1.4 MB)
and here's the starter project that goes with it:

I've edited it to include an example I just made.

Took me a while to work out what "it" you edited. :~)

If you read the text I posted, you'll see that in an applicative-order language such as Snap!, you actually have to cheat a little in defining IF, which has to be normal-order.

I don't get how to use it. I've done the

for convenience, then I have no idea how to, for example, have something that reports 3 when clicked. I've tried this:

But it just reports "successor" without the outer gray ring.

Ah. Remember, numbers are represented as functions. That's why we provide the TRY block, which isn't part of the Church numeral game, but helps you debug by converting its Church-numeral input to a regular number.

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