Pros and cons of codification and reverse codification

You should add compatability with the 'create variables' library. By having users create the variables you can easily implement a system which tracks them, and you should be able to refer to variables by placing them within the brackets, but not in apostrophes.

Cue jens rant about the create variables library in 3... 2... 1...

Jokes aside, I really don't think incorporating the library is a good idea, instead, just create script vars

If you really want to. I'd just not even bother with creating variables, that way you'd get an error saying variable "..." doesn't exist in this context. That way, you'd know if you made a typo.

A table could be used too, and it would probably work better here, but I would disagree that it can never be the best solution.

I was just thinking that too!

Someone should make a library which reintegrates creating variables but using one of his solutions. That would be funny.

Should be done with an array of 2 by N

I can rant instead of Jens because I, too, dislike the programmatically created variables and the (reverse) codification because these things are just too abstract for my taste and I can rant against all that tautological meta-syntactic data processing as fiercely as Jens.

After reading it, I too agree. I think moving from Scratch I just wanted to use everything new, and the Create variables library was one of those. Now I see that a Dictionary, or just a list is the best option for this.

You made my day. Thank you.

I think you made Jens happy, too.

Why do you guys have to do this in a topic that I created.

It started with @odysseus_ssb wanting to incorporate the create variables library into your project.

Yeah but now I have seen that create variables isn't the best option. And to you @joecooldoo I am interested in this topic because I think it's mega cool, and incorporating more features could make it useful instead of only cool to see.

The tool is an abstraction, so by definition it's at least somewhat abstract! But you can use such tools
for specific projects, like this:
makes procedures like

Is the image only blurry for me?


It's blurry for me too.

Yeah that's why I captioned it.

Can you split posts from this one up to this one and maybe title the new topic "Discussing codification (pro & con)"?