project exceeds 10 MB problem

I tried to upload a project, that exceeds 10 MB,
but when i did that, it showed this:
What should the Snap! team do:
Fix this problem.

Can you explain some things that you think were too big to handle in the project?

The things that i think were too big to handle in the project are code, images, sounds and music!

that's not a bug, 10 MB is the max file size to save a project to the cloud. You can still download the project to your computer.

Wasn't that the limit prior to 6.0?
I thought memory efficiency was one of the improvements of 6.0 and the max project size was increased.

well, I didn't see anything about max file size being changed

The Chrome memory limit was about the running project, which can use much more memory than is saved in the cloud for an idle project.

Delete things you don't need then you can save then come back then add more.

Thank you for the clarification.

Why does it have such less memory? Scratch has way more.
Is this slower too?

Hello and welcome to the community, @silver_star! :wave: Snap! projects are usually of 25 kb to 1 mb unlike Scratch projects which are usually of more storage space, I believe.

the same thing happened to me you when I'm trying to save my project

I have a google drive account, but make my XML file world-readable?

I'm not sure what you're asking. Do you need help using Google Drive?

I think @coconut104 has a project that excedding 10 mb and he/she (?) want to share this project over the world in the project list.

This is what I mean

I'm afraid I still don't understand what help you need beyond what I said that you quoted. You said this:

but I don't know what you need from me. Sorry if I'm being obtuse.

Test to see if it works with my Google Drive

Plain link
Works so file can be downloaded

But just remembered that we've been through this before and the only known working method is to use github if you can't live with downloading

I don't like this file limit...... is there anyway to increase it to maybe 15 or 20 mb?

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