Penguin Racing (Part 2)

I'm not in this collab anyways. If you want more on why you shouldn't use @fsul's cloud vars ask @jens.

@jens why

well, um does anyone want to get to work? I need some help here...

Im still working on security.

Ok, on both the connecter and the host, if someone is Un-Authorized and trying to use the block, it will simply freeze the website to prevent damage.

hei, ya done with security, also how do you know if someone is authorized, I think it should only trigger if you have not logged in to a penguin racing account(no emails required!), or you are currently on a block by an admin(these admins are @spacer and @sir_kitten)

@sir_kitten, I invited you to the official repl for penguin racing...

Please don't invite me to repls, it clogs up my notifcations box.

Also @bh doesn't want off-site meetings on the Snap! forums.

fine, but can we work on it?

the website or game?

the website pls @sir_kitten2

that's literally an offsite meeting. besides you dont need a website for it.

um... we will not talk about it here @helicoptur ok? plus we like websites

okay? it's still an offsite meeting and not allowed. just make the game and advertise on the forums.

alright... but we need a website for reasons... when we become more famous than Minecraft, you'll regret posting anything you posted in this topic @helicoptur >:)

okay, but


@bh You are needed

i just mentioned him, why did you have to mention him again?

ok fine... we'll close it down until a later time when offsite meeting ARE allowed... it was sad to announce but we had to do that... :frowning: