PEN Trails - Pen Vectors

Started this new topic, not to crowd the original Log Pen Trails (Log pen trails) version.

Thanks for the penVectors tip.
I can now create the SVG costume without a problem.
However, my program code included a "move to the inside and fill" sequence which no longer works with the SVG sprite.
Is this an unsupported feature, or am I doing something wrong?
Here is my code:

Hi Turgut, that's why I'm considering the pen vectors block to be "experimental": Pen trails vectors currently - and for the intermediate future - only support lines, nothing else, i.e. no stampings, writings, fillings etc. It's lines only that are recorded.

You can use my own WRITE block to write something in SVG - but it's still work-in-progress... :upside_down_face: