Part 1 noJS: Snapblocks!

Hi everyone! This is the start of a who-knows-how-long series where I do a thing where I try to do a thing without JS. Because if we have to go through the tiring, long, exhausting work of pressing the ENABLE JS FUNCTIONS button, (and Snap! is clearly the superior language) then why do it? This is the first entry into this series!
For any requests (preferably metaprogramming or primitive workarounds, but anything is fine) of things you want to see happen that you just can't figure out quite how, this is the place: request it!
In this episode, I will show this new block:

umm, yeah, that's sort of all there is to say

Credit to @ego-lay_atman-bay for the SPLIT BLOCKS BLOCK, which is the only reason it was finished this fast, and just for creating snapblocks as a whole!

P.S. but not really, this is STILL a WIP! So if you want a feature not yet possible and you implement is yourself, I will gladly update the block! additionally, if you ask me to implement something, I most likely will also!

P.S. I think this time currently working on dropdowns (which currently sorta work), making variadic inputs have the @​addInput @​delInput, and making variable reporters actually work.

Have fun!

EDIT: For some reason you have to use the dev version, I really don't know why, if someone does, please tell me...

I get this error when I try to use it

It only works if there are no inputs.

Of course one thing to note is that once snap 10 releases, we'll have pretty much everything to create a 1:1 conversion (except custom categories, as there's no way to get the color without js) (I say once snap 10 releases, because since you shouldn't make projects in the dev version).


(changed the title post to make sure it works, not sure why we need to use the dev version, was working completely fine this morning)

also its been 12 days... bump i guess

(8 days since last reply)

just added almost working dropdowns