Open a compiled project using URL

I want Snap! to open a XML file directly from cloud (aka Google Drive) (and if it's possible)


Its not working

you sure it isn’t cus of cors?

oh, i havent tested the raw site yet...

You’re not linking to an XML file, so snap can’t load it. The link should have a .xml at the end if you are. This does not mean you can change the link and it’ll work! Don’t just use this drive link with an xml extension on the end, that’ll fail too. Can you get a direct link to the file?

Just to say that I've seen quite a few attempts, over the past years, at loading a Snap! project from the likes of Dropbox and Google Drive and none have been successful.

Storing files on a Gihub repository does work

But a lot of schools block access to Github so it may not be useful for you if coding on a school Chromebook

iirc dropbox has direct links, you just need to make sure to actually use it.
i doubt google drive would work

i don't understand why schools would block github, why do they always block all these important sites?
personally i avoid using school computers and use local files whenever i can, i'd never let a school potentially have access to my personal accounts or rely on them for what i do, and i don't want to use windows or chromeos either

I've not noticed anyone posting a link to an .xml file that works but maybe you can come up with one?

It's much easier to just allow access to site necessary for teaching than to block problematic ones (I used to be a Network Manager before I retired)

@sarpnt is right, though, using a raw - data url to a github repo totally works with #open: and #run: switches in Snap, e.g.:

Yes I know - I think you must have missed my previous post :slight_smile:

Managed to get a useable URL to a file on Dropbox (and with a slight kludge Google Drive as well)

It produces the converted URL in a list (so you can easily blockify the result and then copy/paste it)

Kludge for Google Drive is that an exported project (say foo.xml) must be renamed to foo.txt before being uploaded to your Drive account.

projectFromDropboxGoogleDrive script pic (8)

[edit] While playing around trying to improve the reporter, I am no longer able to upload files to my Google Drive :frowning: I'm wondering if Google has decided that my activity is suspicious :frowning: )

[further edit] It seems that Google only allows .txt files up to 1MB size so this would make this technique unsuitable for large files (which I presume is the initial reason the OP wanted it) And, in experimenting, it would seem that Google won't allow direct access to .xml files as they could pose a security risk so I think I'm currently at the end of the road on this one :frowning:

But at least it works for large files on Dropbox :slight_smile:
This on is 19MB
projectFromDropboxGoogleDrive script pic (7)

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