Not able to save

I wouldn't do it that way at all. After the inner loop (the one that puts the right number of cards on a single pile, but still inside the outer loop, TELL the most recently added card on the pile (i.e., ITEM 1 OF) to show its face.

I have that part working, the only thing is i'm not sure how to make the top ones turn face up, what number would I put in, or will in need several on them?

I'm not sure what you mean by "what number." I would say
and the same for the other piles.

This is what I did to solve that problem, but it is not working consistently, the top card is not always the one face up, sometimes it is lower in the pile, don't know why

Yeah, probably it's all the bottom cards! I would expect it to be ITEM 1 OF every pile. I'll look at it when I can...

Its not though, i can send you the file again if you want

OK. I'll try to look at it tonight, but maybe tomorrow.

I tested it several times, and when I don't shuffle the deck but run the program to lay out the cards, it still shuffles them

Ha, I'm stupid, it works, all I had to do was make the card go to front. Thank you so much for helping me make this work.

Ah, good, I'm glad you found it. Sorry I dropped the ball on this!